Louise M Harrington

Architectural Heritage & Historic Landscape Consultant

‘The offering on Cork city by Louise Harrington is a splendid addition to the series. … All of the public buildings you’d expect to find are here but one of the charms of the book is Ms Harrington’s eye for domestic and commercial buildings whose importance might go unnoticed by the non-specialist.’
Kieran Burke, Executive Librarian, Local Studies, Cork City Library reviewing An Introduction to the Architectural Heritage of Cork City written for the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage, Ireland for Cork Evening Echo
Louise M Harrington - testimonials from Kieran Burke

Regency-style gate post, Blackrock, Cork, Photo by Louise M Harrington

‘We are delighted with the Case Study and your overall approach to the project. It is a great piece of work and highlights some of the key issues regarding the preservation of old farm buildings.’
Dr Pat Bogue, Consultant Broadmore Research, Commissioning editor for the National Rural Network in relation to NRN Case Study The Conservation of Old Farm Buildings
Louise M Harrington - testimonials from Dr Pat Bogue

Farm Study, Photo by Louise M Harrington

‘The community of Bere Island worked with Louise through the Bere Island conservation plan process. Louise has great skills in bringing a community with her through all stages of the development of the plan. At all times Louise was a thorough professional and always ensured that there was a fair balance in the contributions from the community, Cork county council and the heritage council.’
John Walsh, Projects Manager, Bere Island Projects Group, Bere Island, Co. Cork, on partner work in the 2003 Bere Island Conservation Plan/ Community consultation and facilitation for the Bere Island Conservation Plan
Louise M Harrington - testimonials from John Walsh

Beara, Co. Cork, Photo by Louise M Harrington

‘Louise’s reports brought clarity to the conservation and designed landscape issues on two very different development applications - one involving limited physical intervention to a protected structure and the other a major project within the remains of a designed landscape. Her approach contributed to successful planning outcomes on both proposals.’
Tom Halley, Director, McCutcheon Halley Walsh Chartered Planning Consultants, Cork, on architectural heritage reports for a former barrack building, Ballincollig New Town Centre, and the redevelopment of the former Great Southern Hotel site, Killarney.
Louise M Harrington - testimonials from Tom Halley

The Malton Hotel & Gardens, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Photo by Louise M Harrington

‘Louise successfully delivered the exhibition project on time and within budget. She had a clear understanding of the Chillingworth & Levie Collection as a significant resource and the objectives of the archive in terms of outreach. Both the exhibition and lecture series have been very popular. ’
Brian McGee, Archivist / Cartlannaí, Cork City and County Archives, Seamus Murphy Building, Cork,
in relation to Chillingworth & Levie : 20th Century Architecture exhibition and accompanying lecture series.
Louise M Harringto - testimonials from Brian McGee

Beamish & Crawford Brewery, Cork, Photo by Louise M Harrington